• Nail Expert Smoothing Base Nail Foundation
  • Silky smooth finish with mineral particles and advanced plant stem cell complex.

    This nail foundation contains  minerals to fill in nail ridges and hide imperfections is an instant. Advenced formula including patented ingredient with Anti-oxidizing and Hydrating Vitamins (E &C) and Stem Cell (Rose and Grape) complexes promote anti-oxidation and to help preventing premature ageing of nail keratin. It conceals the discoloration and yellowing of the nail and gives them a natural healthy finish look. Ensures smooth and long wear of the nail lacquer.

    How to use:
    - Apply on clean and bare nails.
    - As a base coat: one coat under your nail lacquer protect your nails and to increase smooth wear.
    - As a natural nail make up: apply two coats on bare nails.
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