To determine the internal and external factors that affect the strategic goals and purpose of our company, to determine the ability to reach the targeted result/results of the Quality Management System being applied, to give assurance that it can reach the aimed outputs and to continuously improve our performance, has been adopted as our general point of view.



Preventing pecuniary and non-pecuniary workforce losses that might arise in case of occurrence of dangers promptly determining the dangers that might occur due to internal or external sources regarding the processes stipulated by the Integrated Management Systems which are applied for the quality of our products, service and activities,

Providing continuous development without compromising Standards of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices and Halal Management Systems, and complying, in cooperation with the respective parties, with the legislations and regulations to which we are accountable with regard to our activities without compromise,

Manufacturing safe products in accordance with Halal Standards by analyzing the possible risks to ensure the Product Safety and by monitoring the legal requirements enforced in the countries where our customers are located in due course,

Planning activities to improve the system when deemed necessary upon the assessment of customer satisfaction, providing safe products on time and in a constantly increasing quality by focusing on our customers' future expectations and closely monitoring technological developments in our business, and increasing the rate of competition in the sector, thus the share of our company in the market,

Improving the competency of the entire personnel by implementing a planned and scheduled training and awareness-raising program so as to ensure impeccable services,

Cooperating and establishing a team work based on respect and trust in this endeavor we have collaboratively set foot on with our internal and external stakeholders that are our main and strategical partners,

Reviewing our Standards of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices and Halal Management Systems periodically so as to ensure their appropriateness to the objective of our establishment,

Keeping our policies available for public scrutiny.

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